Will Briceño - Bass



Will was born and raised in the city of Barquisimeto, Venezuela. At age 8 he began playing traditional Venezuelan music on the cuatro and soon joined the cuatro academy and orchestra ‘Cuatros y más cuatros’, lead by Amado Lopez. At age 12 he picked up the bass which he studied under the mentorship of Wilfredo Castellanos who introduced Will to the blues and jazz.

Despite his diverse musical interests, will has maintained a deep connection to the music of Venezuela and lists Loredana Carrillo and Robert Estanga as some of his most important musical mentors. His family is very important to him and have always supported his musical ambitions.

Will is the proud founder of The Metropolis Odds and continues to be the glue that holds this band together.

Steven Thomas - Trumpet/Trombone


Steven was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. He started playing trumpet at age 11 under the tutelage of Paul Golomb and after 2 short years was already playing at his local church. He received his undergraduate degree from Howard University where he studied with Fred Irby III and continued his musical education at Penn State University with Langston Fitzgerald III.

Steven has spent the last decade teaching music at KIPP Infinity Middle School in Manhattan. He performs regularly in and around New York City with a number of professional groups but can always be found on Sunday mornings at Second Canaan Baptist Church where he has played for the past 5 years.

Greg Squared - Saxophones



Greg Squared is the preferred alias of NYC-based woodwind player/composer Greg Schneiderman. His musical activities focus primarily on the music of Southeastern Europe. However, his formal education at the University of California in San Diego with groundbreaking 20th century improvisors George Lewis and Bertram Turetzky constantly informs his work as a performer and a composer.


Greg’s expressive playing style figures prominently in the sound of several NYC groups, including his own band, Great Circles, which features his compositions and original arrangements of traditional Balkan music.

Pablo Javier Alfaro - Guitar/Trumpet/Cuatro



Pablo is another proud native of Barquisimeto, Venezuela. He began teaching himself to play the guitar at age 12 but did not receive formal training until he turned 17. After that he quickly attracted positive local attention and was soon awarded a scholarship to Escuela de Música Contemporánea in Buenos Aires, Argentina after performing at the Barquisimeto International Jazz Festival.

In addition to the guitar and trumpet, Pablo is also an avid cuatro player and still holds the music of his country close to his heart.

Younju Kelly Lee - Keyboard

South Korea

Pianist Younju Kelly Lee, has performed contermporary music and fusion jazz throught Korea. Currently is residing in New York, she continues to perform jazz in such venues as The Kitano, Aaron Davis Hall, and clubs in Manhattan and New Jersey.

Alonso Umaña Chan - Drums

Costa Rica/Mexico

Alonso Umaña started playing drums at age 10 and by age 14 was already performing professionally in local bars in Mexico City. At age 18 he won a talent scholarship for "Tonica Jazz Seminar" where after an impressive performance was invited to play with the "Tonica Ensamble" lead by former Jazz Messenger, Brian Lynch.


Alonso has studied drums with Gabriel Puentes and Adam Cruz. He currently attends City College of New York where he is working towards his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Jazz Performance.